Puzzles and Games

I enjoy puzzles, and want to be able to use puzzles and games in my classrooms. But to do that effectively I need to keep track of all the different places to find puzzles, whether new ones, or older puzzles I’ve used before. Here is my attempt to compile as many puzzles as I can.

Check the menu for specific types of puzzles, or look at the bottom of the page for a list of all puzzles stored on this website.

Below is a list of other places to look for mathematical puzzles, games, and curiosities.

This page is currently being rebuilt. The original version of this page can be found here.

Area Maze #1-4
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Convexity of Deltahedra
Claim: There is a convex deltahedron with every even number of faces from 4 to 20, except one. Investigating non-convex
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Dividing Dice
A standard six-sided die spontaneously starts to divide like a living cell. The spots on the die move during the
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Broken Calculator
Imagine your calculator is broken. Although it will still display numbers, only the 4 key, + key, = key, and
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Four Dots, Two Distances
Find all configurations of four (distinct) points in the place that will determine exactly two distinct (non-zero) distances.
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Jiggly Numbers
A positive integer is said to be jiggly if it has four digits, all non-zero, and no matter how you
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Oblique Cylinder
What is the net of an oblique cylinder, and what is its surface area?
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The Numbers’ Dress-up Party
All the numbers have come to a dress-up party in full costume. They all know themselves which costume everyone else
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Book-ended Sixes
Find the smallest number n, such that n ends in a 6, and when n is multiplied by 4 it
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Making Forty
Use all of these symbols and only these symbols to produce the number 40: (())xxx+++3331111 **Extension** - What is the
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