Puzzles and Games

I enjoy puzzles, and want to be able to use puzzles and games in my classrooms. But to do that effectively I need to keep track of all the different places to find puzzles, whether new ones, or older puzzles I’ve used before. Here is my attempt to compile as many puzzles as I can.

Check the menu for specific types of puzzles, or look at the bottom of the page for a list of all puzzles stored on this website.

Below is a list of other places to look for mathematical puzzles, games, and curiosities.

This page is currently being rebuilt. The original version of this page can be found here.

Hexagon in a Circle
Hexagon with verticies on a circle has three consecutive sides 3 and three consecutive sides 5. What is the area
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Consecutive Integers
Three consecutive integers are multiplied together, and the middle number is added to the total. E.g. Prove that this is
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Function Fun
Suppose Evaluate
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n to the Five
Is $latex n^5 + 5^n $ ever prime?
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Angles on a Grid
Note: The big square is divided into nine small squares of equal size.
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Puzzlebomb 55
Fill the grid with the numbers 1-35, using the clues given, so that each row contains 7 numbers each with
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Quarter the Cross
Colour in one quarter of this cross. You have to be sure it’s exactly one quarter. Printable Versions (From David
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Pi on the Floor
Using any of the operations of +, -, *, /, as many of the number π as you need, and
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One Hundred Factorial
The number 100! (pronounced aloud as “one hundred factorial”) is the number produced when all the numbers from 1 to
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